Sweet Sunshine!

Today was a gloriously sunny day in B’ham with hopefully more are coming as we spring into summer! I absolutely love laying out on my deck with some bubbly water with a couple lemon slices in it and soaking up some vitamin D. But with sun comes sunscreen or sunburns.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your sunscreen bottle? I haven’t! I just grab it and trust it to keep me from burning or getting skin cancer. But did you know that 9 out of the 15 chemicals in sunscreen are endocrine disruptors?? These chemicals disrupt the way your hormones are produced which can cause infertility, cancer and cause developmental issues during puberty.

Sunscreen is great for protecting against sunburns but there hasn’t actually been any solid evidence proving it protects against cancer or melanoma. The best way to protect yourself but get a good shot of vitamin D is to spend about 20 minutes in the sun. After 20 minutes the danger to your immune system overweighs the benefits of vitamin D.

Most of the great PNW residents need sunscreen to protect of pale skin but did you know that you can actually add food to your diet to decrease your chances or sunburns as well as make your own sunscreen!

What to eat to decrease chances of sunburns

  • Lycopene
    • this is a carotenoid that is found in cooked tomatoes
  • Astaxanthin
    • This is an antioxidant found in algae
  • Eat more long chain Omega-3s and cut out Omega-6s
    • eat more fish or supplement with fish oil/fermented cod liver oil
    • cut out processed oils like vegetable oil, peanut oil or canola oil
  • Saturated Fat!
    • Butter, palm oil and coconut oil are great sources
  • Green Tea
    • another great source of antioxidants
  • Proanthocyanidins
    • these can be found in wine, grapes, blueberries, hazelnuts and pistachios

To read the reasoning behind these suggestions and scientific backing click here.

How to make your own sunscreen

sunscreen you can buy


So next time you head out to enjoy some wonderful vitamin D grab a glass of wine, cook up some fish with tomato sauce, butter and seaweed and then have some green tea ice cream for dessert 🙂