Sasquatch in the Library

I love books! I like the feel of them. I like marking the pages and dog-earing my favorite passages. Since starting my whole food journey I have found some pretty spectacular books. So today I want to share with you my favorite clean eating books! Most of these books have “paleo” in the title but don’t let that scare you away from the information in them. Paleo just means that they are focusing on foods that are unprocessed and clean which is unarguably the best type of food for your body.


  • Make It Paleo
    • Bill and Haley have made an amazing and beautifully photographed recipe book. They also have a website filled with amazing recipes and did I mention beautiful photos?!
  • Everyday Paleo
    • Sarah is a mother of three and has written three amazing and easy to follow whole food cookbooks! She also has a website and has a podcast about fitness and paleo nutrition!
  • Practical Paleo
    • Diane has a couple amazing books including 21-Day Sugar Detox which helps you detox from sugar cravings. Practical Paleo is great for people who need an introduction on basic guidelines and a little more guidance on how to go about whole food eating.
  • Well Fed and Well Fed 2
    • Melissa is a food genius! Her recipes are a little more complex but if you want truly amazing food then these are the books to get! My favorite is Stovetop Pork Carnitas and Bora Bora Fireballs which can also be found on her website.
  • Against All Grains
    • Danielle has an inspiring story about how a simple diet change helped her manage a severe autoimmune disease that was threatening her life. She also has a beautiful website filled with amazing recipes but if you are craving some chocolate desserts then I recommend buying her book!
  • Beyond Bacon
    • Written by The Paleo Parents this book is what all cookbooks should posses; a no waste policy! It has amazingly delicious recipes that teaches you how to use every part of a pig. Homestyle Biscuits made with lard are life changing!
  • NomNomPaleo
    • Do you like cartoons, mouth watering photos, food and entertainment? Then this cookbook is for you! Michelle and Henry have created a fantastic cookbook! Their website is equally hilarious and drool worthy!
  • OMG. That’s Paleo?
    • Juli is the lady behind the first paleo blog I ever read. I credit her with my transformation to paleo because of her delicious recipes and hilarious commentary! Seriously. You need to read her blog. Her Breakfast Meatza makes me get up in the morning!

Health Informational Books

  • Paleo Approach:Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body
    • Sarah has a PH. D in medical biophysics (well that’s impressive!). She knows her stuff but explains it to you so simply and with some pretty epic pictures.
  • Eat the Yolks
    • Liz is amazing and in this book she tackles many common nutritional diet myths. If you need proof to make the jump to eating fat and cutting out grains than this is the book for you!  She also has a website and a podcast show with Diane (author of Practical Paleo) which I highly recommend because these ladies blow my mind every time I listen!
  • It Starts With Food
    • Hands down my favorite informational book. This is such an easy read that is packed with info and sections that dive deeper into the reasoning behind why some foods need to be cut from our diets. Melissa and Dallas also have an amazing website which is what first took me on my whole food journey two years ago! They also do seminars which I highly recommend, you get yummy snacks and they explain deeper their thought on the Standard American Diet.
  • Paleo Solutions: The Original Human Diet
    • Do you need deeper scientific evidence before you cut out your delicious bagel and cream cheese? This is the book to read. Robb Wolf explains a deeper science reasoning behind the switch to paleo eating. This book is a little more complex but stacked with some great information that will give you that aha moment!

I have not been given any bribes to list any of these books on my blog (but if you want to be listed next time I could really use a Vitamix blender… *hint*hint*)

These are just a list of the books that have helped me the most through my transition over to a whole food lifestyle. It is a big transition and it is always nice to have books that you can reference consistently as you are trying to get the ropes and also to convince other people that whole, all natural and unprocessed foods is what we should be putting into our bodies!

Do you have any favorite cookbooks or health books?


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