Easy Healthy Snacks

I am a snacker. I know this. I also know if I am not prepared for my snack attack I will be a vending machine junkie. White cheddar cheese puffs get me every time. So in attempts to be a healthy snacker I try to keep my kitchen stocked with easy and quick foods that I can grab on my way to work, school or when I get home.

To keep myself full and satisfied longer I try to make sure my snack fulfills three requirements.

  1. Protein: keeps you fuller longer and stabilizes blood sugar levels
    • deli meat
    • hardboiled egg (yes, the whole egg! Lots of protein and heathy fat in the yolk)
    • tuna
    • rotisserie chicken
    • steak
    • chicken breast
  2. Carbs: support brain function and activity level
    • fruit (berries, kiwi, apples, grapefruit, bannans)
    • veggies (zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts, bell peppers, spinach, cucumbers)
    • plantain chips (from Trader Joe’s in purple package with money on it)
  3. Fats: slow burning energy source and help to absorb fat soluble vitamins
    • nuts
    • avocado
    • mayo
    • butter
    • cream cheese
    • sour cream
    • coconut oil/flakes

I look at my snacks like mini-meals. By doing so I know my body is getting a complete burst of nutrients to keep me going until my next meal. I also know if I incorporate these three things into my snack I am less likely to get extremely hangery or get so hungry I stop off at Boomers and get three burgers and some fries. The most important thing when planning a snack is making sure you pack what you like. I hate mushrooms so if I put that into my snack I am most likely going to toss them and walk to the vending machine for delicious puffs of cheese. On the other hand, I love orange bell peppers so I am satisfied eating those over junk food.

Preparation is key to successful snack packs. My Sundays and Thursdays are my least busy days so I plan to do most of my food prep on these days. I make sure my veggies are sliced, sweet potatoes are cooked, eggs are boiled, tuna is mixed and then package all these things into bags and containers. Invest in a good set of glass containers with a secure lid and your snack life with be a breeze.

Examples of my staple to go snacks are:

  • 2 hard boiled eggs mixed with pickles and mayo with a side of plantain chips
  • Steak/chicken breast and banana/apple with some almond butter
  • Deli meat wrapped in lettuce with mashed sweet potatoes mixed with coconut oil or butter
  • Tuna mixed with avocado and diced veggies with plantain chips

There are countless mixtures of snacks you can put together. Find ones that you enjoy and make it a habit to pack them. You will be surprised by how much more energy you have when you eat a snack that is well rounded instead of a vending machine meal.

Do you have a favorite snack? Post your snack creations in the comment section!



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